The regulatory requirements imposed on government contractors can be complicated. Examples of the type of advice and counsel we have rendered recently include:

  1. Applying for Functional Affirmative Action Plan approval
  2. Methods of taking the OFCCP's required disability survey every five (5) years using its mandatory CC-305 form, or integrating the form into an electronic applicant tracking system
  3. Understanding the critical importance of applicant dispositioning and proper record keeping for recruiters and hiring managersĀ  (see also our training page for one of our most popular seminars on this topic)
  4. Considerations in choosing an applicant tracking system vendor for OFCCP compliance
  5. What are a government contractor's compliance obligations with respect to its use of recruiting agencies, temporary agencies, and third party recruiters in the hiring and selection process
  6. Assisting construction companies in complying with the 16 steps set forth in OFCCP's Part 60-4 regulations
  7. Setting up proper reporting structures for submission of EEO-1 and VETS-4212 reports, including what to do with reporting questions that arise from mergers and acquisitions
  8. Identifying Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures (UGESP) issues arising out of the use of a test or assessment in the hiring process and test validation review (we do not validate)
  9. Guiding employers on legal issues such as single entity questions, contract coverage and other jurisdictional issues
  10. Advising employers on the business decision of entering the government contracting space in light of the expanding employment-related compliance costs


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