Conducting a Compliance Self-Audit: Preparing for Success

Conducting a Compliance Self-Audit: Preparing for Success

11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. (EDT)
Online Webinar

Join LocalJobNetwork as members of Roffman Horvitz, PLC break down the keys of conducting a compliance self-audit. The OFCCP continues to schedule compliance reviews during the pandemic. Moreover, OFCCP recently received approval for its new scheduling letter formats for compliance reviews and focused reviews of veteran and disability compliance. The actions that government contractors take now — to self-evaluate their employment processes before receiving a scheduling letter — play a critical role in ensuring compliance.

This webinar will use the compliance review scheduling letter and a sample of typical OFCCP audit information requests to help employers conduct a self-audit.

Discussion topics include:

  • Set placement goals & document process
  • Internal audit of Women & Minorities AAP
  • Adverse impact & analyzing applicant data
  • How OFCCP evaluates compensation
  • Written assessment: Effectiveness of outreach
  • Live Q&A (last 30 minutes)

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