Three Types of Pay Equity Analyses: Investigatory, Compliance, Aspirational

Three Types of Pay Equity Analyses: Investigatory, Compliance, Aspirational

12:00 p.m. (ET)

In conducting pay equity regression analyses, our clients typically engage us for one of three different types of projects, each with a different objective in mind:

  • OFCCP Audit/Legal Defense: this analysis is trying to determine the most strategic way to position the employer's data for purposes of explaining and defending its pay practices in a government audit and/or against employee legal claims;
  • Investigative: this analysis is designed to identify areas that are flagged for potential pay inequities at a systemic level that warrant further factual investigation by the employer to identify job-related explanations and/or areas where pay adjustments may be necessary; the employer is using regression analysis to triage where further investigation of pay differences may be needed; and
  • Aspirational: this analysis uses the regression models to guide employer pay adjustments to achieve overall compensation parity by gender and race/ethnicity. This webinar will provide an overview of how Roffman Horvitz approaches each of the three types of pay analysis projects.


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