OFCCP's Pre-Final (New) Supply & Service Scheduling Letter

OFCCP's Pre-Final (New) Supply & Service Scheduling Letter


Last month, OFCCP released a pre-final version of its supply & service (non-construction) audit scheduling letter. The letter and its attached itemized listing identify what employers must submit to OFCCP in an audit, and OFCCP's letter gives employers only 30 days in which to compile the responses. This pre-final version of the letter foreshadows the need for a heightened state of audit readiness because it otherwise will be very challenging for employers being audited to amass the requested information in only 30 days. Please join us for a complimentary web seminar to review the letter, understand how it changed from the previous version, and learn what actions you should be taking now to ensure that you are better prepared to respond if audited.


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