Contracts for Coronavirus Relief Efforts Receive OFCCP Exemption4

Contracts for Coronavirus Relief Efforts Receive OFCCP Exemption

Contracts for Coronavirus Relief Efforts Receive OFCCP Exemption

The Director of OFCCP, Craig Leen, granted a national interest exemption for three months, from March 17, 2020 to June 17, 2020, to organizations that are entering into contracts with the federal government during this time frame. The national interest exemption relieves organizations from having to comply with the affirmative action obligations typically imposed on them when they contract with the federal government for more than $50,000 in the case of the women and minority and disability affirmative action obligations, and for more than $150,000 for the veteran affirmative action obligations. This exemption does not relieve organizations from their nondiscrimination obligations, however. This exemption should facilitate organizations in both the private and public sectors to sell goods to the federal government and provide critically necessary services without concern for the costs and processes typically imposed on them when they agree to comply with the OFCCP's affirmative action regulations.

Contractors entering into agreements with the federal government or other purchasers in the supply chain are permitted to remove cross-references to the OFCCP compliance obligations in new contracts entered into during this time period.

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